Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lemon partners with card.io!

Meet the newest member of the card.io partner family – Lemon. Lemon has officially announced their new Smart Wallet app. It's really slick, and it's powered by card.io

The Lemon app is a “digital makeover” of your wallet – check out their press coverage at Techcrunch, WSJBetaKit, and elsewhere. Like a physical wallet, it stores things like your credit cards, loyalty cards, and paper receipts, but goes beyond that to enable you to track your expenses and manage your money, with features like spending reports and graphs broken out by account and category, loyalty program balances, and access to exclusive offers from retailers.

Loading up your wallet is “click, click, done" - use card.io to scan in all your credit and debit cards, and they're scanned and saved securely on your phone: 

We're really excited about the clean, fast user experience that Lemon has built, and we're looking to watching the service grow! 

If you're a developer and want to add card.io to your app, get started here: https://www.card.io/developers/

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