Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just in time for Friday...BarTab launches with

BarTab powered by WebTab

Another cool app has launched with functionality!  Check out BarTab, made by the team at WebTab, a social commerce platform that enables people, networks and businesses to seamlessly interact in real-time.  Send yourself or your friends a drink via your mobile phone, for just $1 (and the first one is on them).

It's cool - just pick your local watering hole, select from the drink menu, and decide who you want to give a gift to.  Not sure what to order yet?  You can also buy drink credits, so your friend can decide what they want on their own.  Your friend can pick up their drink now, or save it for use later, up to 30 days.  Enjoy special promotions, like those for the NBA Finals this week.

Forget about buying a round of virtual beers on Zynga Poker...this is the real deal!'s SDK makes it super easy to just add a credit card and buy a round for your pals.

Download the BarTab app for iOS and Android.

Integrate into your app here:

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