Thursday, May 3, 2012

LevelUp partners with!

Today we're officially announcing our integration with LevelUp and sharing some performance data. We've made it faster and easier for LevelUp users to enter their credit card information with - it's over twice as fast, and LevelUp merchants have seen a 13% sales lift since went live in the LevelUp app!

LevelUp users can now hold their debit or credit card up to their smartphone, and will automatically read the card information using the phone's camera. This integration has reduced total registration time for new users from 60 seconds to 25 seconds ­and driven increased sales at LevelUp's merchants (~2500 local businesses across 8 U.S. cities).

We're excited to help other developers improve mobile purchase conversion and increase revenue. If you're interested in adding to your app, you can get started here: for developers.

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  1. I also liked last year and this year's security fixes that makes it more secure due to asymmetric encryption. So no worries when paying up for LevelUp using IO so I can still service some of my personal loan commitments.


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