Thursday, March 15, 2012

PayPal partners with

Today, PayPal announced PayPal Here, a new in-store payment solution for small businesses. We're excited to share that PayPal Here is powered by!

With and PayPal, accepting credit cards no longer requires card readers or extra hardware; merchants can immediately begin accepting credit cards with nothing but a phone. It's fast, frictionless, and an amazing payment experience.

We're excited to be working with PayPal and we hope that this partnership will improve mobile commerce for both consumers and merchants.

Want to add to your mobile app? Join our developer program.


  1. This is such a good innovation indeed. I am pretty sure that this method has undergone vulnerability assessment to ensure its security. On the other hand, performing such test will also ensure consumer's safety.

  2. This innovation makes people lives more convenient. Merchants can accept the payment through phone and I think this is more secure.

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